Why you should take a holiday?

Why You Should Take Time Off

Eleven percent of people in the UK have taken fewer holidays recently due to fears about theşr wırj abd the economic situation. But not taking a break can take a toll on your health, piling on stress and tension with little relief. We break down how people are getting away, and why they sould do it more ofteh.

Holidays Around the World

The average amount of annual leave varies from country to country. And in some countries, workers are not using all of the days they are offered perhaps they should be.


How UK Residents Get Away?

Not surprisingly, people in the UK (along with most the world’s population) prefer to go on holiday during the summer, and beach holidays are by far the most popular.


When Work Gets in the Way?

For those who do not use their full holiday allowance, scheduling and money issues top the list of reasons why and when we do get away, not all of us are able to leave work behind.

Reasons People Do not Use All Days Off

  • 20%: Do not schedule far enough in advance
  • 19%: Can not afford it
  • 11%: Work is my life
  • 8%: Can get paid for unused days
  • 6%: May be perceived negatively at work
  • 3%: Holiday negatively affects spouse or family member’s job
* Respondents were able to choose more than one response

When people are able to leave work behind and fully relax on holiday

  • 55%: As soon as I leave on holiday
  • 20%: After a day or two of holiday
  • 14%: The moment I reach my destination
  • 10%: I am never able to leave work behind
  • 2%: When my holiday is more than half over

* Due to rounding, figures do not total 100.


To Enjoy Life More

Those who holiday regularly can enjoy a host of benefits. The people who are lucky enough to holiday frequently also happen to be fortunate in other ways.

People who have more leisure activities (including holidays) usually also experience the following:

  • Report greater life satisfaction
  • Have found greater meaning in life
  • Report a large network of support from family and friends

To Ward Off Depression

No doubt, a few days away from work can do wonders to relieve stress. But the effects are much more pronounced for women who take leave.

Women who holiday drequently (at least twice a year) are less likely to be depressed, tense, or tired.

Women who rarely take time off are more likely to have stress in their home life and sleep less.


To Be More Productive

Taking a mental break and checking out from the day-to-day stresses of work can actually help you work more effectively once you are back in the office.

34% of workers report feeling better about their jobs and being more productive after going on holiday.


To Live Longer

Some studies even link more frequent holidays to longer life. Reduced stress and tension are thought to improve your health and help you live longer.

In a study of men who were at risk for heart disease, the more frequent holidays that men took, the longer they lived. In another study, men who took regular annual holidays cut their risk of death by 20%.

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